Norway here we come…

Preparing for our Family trip to Norway has actually been quite smooth.

With Norwegian Air you can pre-book your seats and baggage which is a god-send with 3 children. Gatwick airport where we are departing from offers a Premium Valet Parking which allows you to park up and drop off your keys 2mins away from the terminal and for only £20 more is well worth it.

Car hire in Bergen is slightly more of a faff, however all in all, it will be a brilliant time to Norway for Oskar, Tomas and Charlotte.

The real fun in preparing for the trip is test flying the Mavic Pro and getting up to speed with it’s settings so we can use it in Norway when it’s not raining… the weather is not looking great, but i am ever hopeful.

So far with the Mavic Pro i have got to 66 km/h (or 18.8 m/s on the app recording all my flight details) which, while fun, i will not be trying to emulate in Norway. The pictures, Videos and the Active Track feature i will be using as much as possible.

Chobham Common from the Air
Chobham Common from the Air

There are some things you need to complete before flying a drone in Norway and one of them is register with the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority(N-CAA), where the operator (you) must verify that they are familiar with the requirements and limitations that apply to operate within this category (RO1).

The form you currently need to fill in (as of April 2017) is NF-1114E, found here: N-CAA Drones and then you just send it off to the N-CAA. Nice and easy.

Norway has similar regulations to the UK, but the important ones are:

    ALWAYS maintain line of sight
    DO NOT fly your drone near crowds or people (at least 50m away – 150 if there is more than 100 people)
    Maximum height is 120m
    DO NOT fly your drone at night
    DO NOT fly your drone in bad weather
    DO NOT fly your drone near airports or government buildings (within 5km)

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