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Well it’s nearly a month since I turned 40, a lot of my friends have been buying mid-life crisis presents for themselves such a new motorbike or sports-car. I however, do not ride a bike and am indifferent to sports cars (note: read, have 3 kids and cannot afford one!).

So I decided to buy a drone, yes, that’s right, a drone – but a highly computerized and snazzy drone. Namely the DJI Mavic Pro. This is not going to turn into a review of the Mavic Pro or a discussion on turning 40.

All I wanted to say is BLOODY HELL is this thing a great toy! a novice could fly it, ground sensors, forward sensors, GPS, stable in the wind and can fly over 35 Miles per hour.

The picture quality and video quality is excellent and as you can see below, even with my eye for photography the photos don’t look half bad.

Chobham Common
Chobham Common
Sunningdale from the Air
Sunningdale from the Air
Wentworth - May 2017
Wentworth Golf Course – May 2017

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