Oskar’s first drive

For Oskar’s 12th Birthday we got him a U17 driving experience at Mercedes World in Brooklands. He has been asking for it for ages, but you have to be over 1.5 metres tall and we didn’t want to just give it to him for no reason, so he had to wait until his birthday. Well to say he had a blast is an understatement!

Oskar was in a dual controlled vehicle, with an Approved Driving Instructor on a dedicated Under 17s driving track. We had three options, Track only (1 hour), Off-road only (1 hour) or Compare them both (30 mins in both). We decided he would prefer the Compare package so he got to drive a Mercedes-Benz A-Class and a Mercedes-Benz GLE. Lucky boy!

I can also highly recommend this for your not-so-little ankle biters and also i can suggest going for the USB disk of the video of them driving on both courses.

Mercedes World U17 Driving

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