Shetland Race – Leg 1

So, I arrived in Bergen at 14:00 on the 20th June. The flight was painless and I had plenty of room in seat 1A.

Seat 1A on Norwegian
Seat 1A on Norwegian

I was picked up and we traveled to the yacht “Froken Smilla” which will be my home for the next 6 days.

We spent the afternoon and evening preparing the yacht for the 200 NM journey to Lerwick, Shetland and finished about 11pm, at which point we all had a few beers and got some shut-eye.

Up at 06:30 on the 21st, it was a beautiful day with lots of sun, but little wind. We hoped that this would pick up as we exited the marina at Bergen Sailing club and sailed to the start line just outside the Fjords. We were not that lucky.

At 10am we started and by Midnight we were still yet to pass about 4knots in speed, it was going to be a very long journey to Shetland.

At the Start of the Shetland Race 2017
At the Start of the Shetland Race 2017
Going slow to Shetland
Going slow to Shetland
Speed increasing...
Speed increasing…

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