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It all started last year when I had a cough that I just could not get rid of and at times had difficulty breathing when in “stressful” situations.

I was diagnosed with High blood pressure just over 15 months ago with a reading of 208/144 – which was the highest the doctor had seen in someone my age. Not really knowing what those two numbers meant, I was not too bothered by it.

I should have been very bothered by it…

Being put on pills to manage my blood pressure was a pain, but it started to lower my blood pressure to a much better set of numbers:

At the request of my doctor I went to the opticians about 11 months ago to make sure the high blood pressure had not damaged my eyes. Well they saw ghosting in my retina and this meant a referral to the eye clinic at Frimely Park Hospital where I have now had 3 rounds of retina laser surgery – which is not too bad in the scheme of things, but hurts like a bitch.

While being seen at Frimely Park, they had me tested for Diabetes as they said the Ghosting of blood vessels in the eyes were normally seen in diabetes patients. I had been tested for diabetes in October of 2016 and came back negative, but in March of 2017 another test showed I had type 2 diabetes. Another pill per day – well isn’t that grand…

This all being said, I have had enough of living with pills everyday and have been researching if there is anyway of reducing my dependence on pills and try to loose some weight as well.

So having read Fixing Dad – this is a great read and has some very simple steps to follow to help fix yourself! I decided to follow their meal plan and hopefully cure myself of diabetes.

So today is the first day of my diet, no more drink, no more bread, rice or pasta, no more pizza or kabab’s – but hopefully for this first month I will see a reduction in my weight and next month I get to start thinking about introducing more exercise.

So the stats:
My weight is 110.1 Kg
My waist is 47.5 inches

First Breakfast of the diet - Ham, Egg and Lettuce
First Breakfast of the diet – Ham, Egg and Lettuce
My first breakfast of the diet was a boiled egg, gem lettuce and ham – this was not too bad all in all.

Just waiting for lunch now.

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