The diet so far… – Day 1 to 3

So I survived the first day of the diet quite well. I had support from my wife and brother-in-law which definitely helped. Drinking lots of water was key I think to keep my stomach full and stave off the hunger pangs.

When arriving home from work though, I needed something as I forgot to bring lunch with me, anything to help me through to dinner, I was presented with a great yogurt and mint dip with cucumber and it was surprisingly filling. (No photo available as I was too hungry to bother and just dug in)

Pork, Mushrooms and Broccoli
Pork, Mushrooms and Broccoli
For dinner that night we had Pork medallions with broccoli with a mushroom/creme fresh and mustard sauce – it was great, so great that we also ended up having it for lunch on day 2 as we had not got the majority of the shopping delivered.

The day ended well – it was not as bad I thought.

Day 2 started with berries and yogurt which was surprisingly filling and while we were supposed to have some crushed hazelnuts as well, I did not miss them really.

berries and yogurt
berries and yogurt

As I said earlier I had left-overs from last night, so Pork again for lunch. As I did find it quite tough during the latter half of the afternoon yesterday I took a snack in. While we did not have the walnuts I decided to go for some blueberries instead as a wholesome snack, rather than the biscuits and sweets that are abundant in the office.

I felt much better after getting home on day two, drinking lots of water and the snack helped.

Turkey, mushrooms, spinach and green beans
Turkey, mushrooms, spinach and green beans
For dinner we had turkey escalopes with mushrooms and steamed spinach and green beans. we also had a creme fresh and Dijon mustard sauce – which I think was the tastiest dinner we have had yet (of a sample of two so far!). The photo does not do it justice, but I was too hungry to spend anytime getting the photo “just right”.

I woke up better this morning (Day 3), not full of the joy of spring, but easier than normal, this no alcohol part of the diet is starting to pay off! Breakfast on day three and we went a bit fancy. Portobello mushrooms with tomatoes and feta cheese. It took some time to prep which was the only downside to the meal as we needed to make packed-lunches for the kids and breakfast for them, which are not as healthy, but they do not need to lose weight or beat T2 diabetes.

Grilled Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
Grilled Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Well, what can I say – bloody excellent – for someone who never really eat breakfast, day three was a winner and I really enjoyed it. I think I just need to get up 15 minutes earlier.

I decided to weigh myself last night, to see what, if anything, was happening. I know there are many people that say you should only weigh yourself once a week, but I need to see a result, even if it is not as good as I would hope.

Weight: 108.2Kg (-1.9Kg)

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