Diet – Days 4 and 5

I ended the last post with Breakfast, lunch was a hack of a previous breakfast (Lettuce, Ham and Egg) which was filling, but not as nice as the left-overs I had the day before. I also had my snack of 10g of Walnuts, which to be honest does not go as far as you may think!

Broccoli, Bacon and Ricotta Cheese
Broccoli, Bacon and Ricotta Cheese
For dinner, Linda decided to that we needed something that would give us some falvour. What we ended up deciding on was the Broccoli, Bacon and Ricotta Cheese with some Parmesan grated over it meal in the book.

I admittedly only agreed to it as it had bacon in it and I’ve always stood by the phrase “All meals can be improved by adding bacon” – so it seemed like a winner to me. Well we both had not need to worry – it was excellent! I cannot rate it highly enough, this is one of those meals that when I come off the restrictive diet I will still make and eat – just maybe a slightly larger portion… I ended day 3 with a spring in my step and I was ready to take the next day on.

It was Thursday morning, I had been told that this would be the hardest day of the week, after this it got better. So Linda and I decided to indulge ourselves and decided on a favorite of both of ours for breakfast – no we were not going to break the diet, luckily this diet has a recipe altered to be slightly more healthy than our normal version. We had Smoked Salmon, Scrambled Eggs and Lettuce and Tomatoes (instead of the loads of Toast and Butter I normally have.)

Smoked Salmon, Scrambled eggs, Lettuce and Tomatoes
Smoked Salmon, Scrambled eggs, Lettuce and Tomatoes

It was filling, it reminded me of Christmas (a bit) and while it did add 10 minutes to the daily morning prep, it was worth it.

I went to work happy and feeling full. Lunch time came around and I was having a crisis – I had gone for salad second day on the trot – and I was not feeling it this time. I must go for variety from now on, or at least hot lunches. I did however get through it and avoid the biscuits, sweets and hot lunches (with chips) at the office.

I had my snack of walnuts and Raspberries and when I got home, while a bit peckish, managed to stop myself from picking at the kids left-overs.

My turn to cook tonight and we went for a chicken satay with Kale. Now Kale is one of those things that because every tom, dick and harry have been banging on about it being a super food I have tended to avoid at all cost. Even when my Brother-in-Law and Sister said that I should try it – I told them to keep cooking the meat on the BBQ and pour me another glass of wine.

Well, Kale tastes bloody awful raw, maybe it is my taste buds but, no, not for me.

The recipe called for 100g per person of chopped Kale, 60g of Chicken and 75g of Cucumber. Linda had bought a pre-chopped bag from the shops; so I started weighing it out – my god! 100g is F*$King loads of Kale – I forgot to take a picture of it, but will be next time.

Chicken Satay, Grilled Kale and Cucumber
Chicken Satay, Grilled Kale and Cucumber
Once I got to 100g I showed it to Linda and we agreed that was officially a shit-load of Kale and would be enough – so only 50g of Kale per person thank god.

Well I toasted it with 1 tsp of oil under the grill (on the grill pan that had just cooked the chicken) – well, what a difference burning it makes… or nearly in my case – very nice all crispy and dry. We both really enjoyed it and the flavors were excellent together, I may have wanted a little more Kale at the end of the meal, but I doubt even I could manage the same again.

We went to sleep not too hungry and we had survived the worst day (according to friends and dieters in general)

This morning I woke up very early, not 30 mins before alarm “very early” but a full 2 hours before i’m supposed to even think about getting up at 4am, not because of hunger mind you, but my shoulder was playing up. So a pint of water and 2 cups of tea later I went back to bed a 5:30am only to be awoken by the alarm at 6:30am – well I snoozed that little blighter until 7am when i dragged myself out of bed, went downstairs and turned on the kettle.

I then decided to weigh myself – I know, a risky thing – and found that I had lost more weight!: 2.8Kg to be exact – Yeah me!

I am now at my lowest weight in about two years and at my lowest weight since i got the Withings Scales and started tracking. I now need to keep this up for the next 7 and bit weeks and I should be in good shape to start at the gym.

Weight: 105.4Kg (-2.8Kg)

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