Diet – Day 11

Been a funny week this week. Had a good day on Monday up until 10pm at which point I went over to my brother-in-laws place to wet the babies head of their new arrival. Lots of booze and quite a few crisps were eaten until the early hours of the morning.

To say i felt rough the next day was an understatement – lots of booze meant that i needed something easy to eat at work, so no salad just a couple of sandwiches – which is not the best.

I went to bed early without any more food due to tiredness rather than avoiding any hunger pangs, as to be honest, food was the last thing on my list of things to do.

nicoise salad
nicoise salad
Having woke up on Wednesday it was back to the the Blood Sugar Diet 800 calorie diet with a vengeance. Eating really well, Fruity yogurt for breakfast, nicoise salad for lunch and Mediterranean chicken with grilled aubergines and courgettes for dinner both of which were very nice.

So after a day and half of falling off both diet and booze wagon – I got on the scales this morning and saw that I had still managed to lose some weight this week so far. Only 0.3 of a Kilo, but still going in the right direction.

Weight 103.7 (-0.3Kg)

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