Diet and Scout camp

Today is Friday and I am on day 12 of the 8 week blood sugar diet – which I heard about from the book “Fixing Dad” – Myself and Linda are following the Fixing dad meal plan as we found it first, however to add some variety to the meals we have also just bought the 8 week blood sugar diet recipe book.

Chilli and Cabbage
Chilli and Cabbage
Well coming towards the end of week 2, where I had a bit of a blow out due to a recent birth of a niece, I have been on the diet since. I’m now down to 102.6Kg – which is a whopping 7.5Kg loss in just under two weeks. I am sure that if tonight I was not going off to scout camp I could break the 8Kg loss barrier.

But this is scout camp and we do not calorie count for scout meals as we have so many activities going on!

I will try to be as good as I can and not have some of the tons of bread, cake and biscuits that we have ordered for the scouts.

The Camp

We are arriving at the campsite tonight and then we have Hot dogs and smores for dinner around the campfire.

The breakfast is a Fry up and then we have some non-organised activities until lunch which is cheese/ham sandwiches and some lettuce and crisps.

Scout hut from the air
Scout hut from the air

Then the scouts have Caving and Kayaking for the next 3 odd hours, so some piece and quiet to prepare the dinner.

Dinner is Camp Cassoulet, which is one of my go to one-pot meals for camp. It is a amended recipe from the Scout’s Outdoor Cookbook called “Scout leaders revenge”. Then supper is Hot dogs again with a pudding of cake and smores.

Day 2 starts much the same as day 1, a Fry up, but we will be doing Eggy Bread rather than fried eggs. Activities today include packing tents, for the leaders. The scouts get to do Archery and Rifle shooting.

We hope to be finished dropping canvas and having lunch around 12:30 which is left over everything and sandwiches.

Parents arrive from 12:30 and leave with their little treasures around 13:00.

So I will back on the 800 calorie diet from dinner time. I will try to limit my carb intake during the weekend, but its not that easy to do – well for me it isn’t – as part of Scout Camps are to have fun and not shout too much!

We will see on monday morning how bad this weekend is for my weight loss as I go into week 3…

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