Blood Sugar Diet – End of Week 2

It has been an interesting couple of weeks – for the first time I am truly doing a diet for two major reasons. Firstly I have got sick of my weight constantly hovering around the 18 stone mark (114Kg) with a max weight of 18 stone 6lbs (117Kg) and six months ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

Obviously both of these things are linked and while my weight does fluctuate between low 17 stone to mid 18 stone, I really needed to make a concerted effort to make some healthy lifestyle choices and get closer to a healthy weight.

Now I will always defend the NHS and my local GP as they are great. When I got told I had very high blood pressure they looked after me completely, pills were prescribed, I was sent for an ECG and other tests to make sure my heart has not been damaged as well as other tests for internal organs to make sure they are also okay. Which thankfully they were, although how my liver has survived with no damage with the amount I drink is beyond me, although I have always (since I was about 21) had a dry January – which might count for something.

However, with all that being said above, the support for diabetes is pretty naff. Again not the staff or in surgery support, but how to try to live a healthier lifestyle. When I asked what I should be cutting out and what I should be eating to help manage my T2 diabetes the advice was “Eat a healthy diet”.

Now that is all well and good, but I’ve been over weight since leaving Uni, the advice did not help when I was told each time I was weighed at the doctors and did not help 6 months ago. We all know we should eat a healthy diet, but it is hard in modern times to be able to do so. I was really hoping for a sample menu plan or a list of food I really should avoid. But nothing was forthcoming.

After five months of burying my head in the sand and taking pills for the diabetes I decided this had to stop. I read a news story about two guys who had helped their dad with combating T2 diabetes and managed to reverse some of the damage. This dad was diagnosed with T2 diabetes for 10 years and was having major health issues. Well if he could do it, so could I.

I bought the book “Fixing Dad” and after sitting on the shelf for a couple of weeks I finally read it. The real thing that I loved about the book was the 4 weeks of Menus and shopping lists in the back. This is what I had hoped the NHS would have been able to provide.

vats of cassoulet
vats of cassoulet
Well I am at the end of week 2 of the diet and while this weekend I was at Scout camp and really unable to follow the diet (I’m sure I could have if I really wanted) and had a day of not following it on Tuesday.
We eat everything that I have been avoiding, lots of bread, cake and crisps. Full English breakfasts both days, hot dogs, smores round the campfire and a Massive cassoulet for dinner on Saturday night. I did manage to avoid eating the cake and smores, but avoiding the hot dogs was too much for me.

All that being said, During the weekend I walked over 6km and was active from sunrise to sunset and beyond until midnight, so I was burning some of the non-diet food off.

I weighed in this morning 102.1Kg a loss of 0.5 Kg since the last time I weighed myself. All in all, I was expecting to gain weight this week as I knew I had not eat well for 3 days. It must have been all the running around after 14 scouts for two days that helped with that number.

I now need to spend the next couple of days getting my body used to not eating carbs again – I did it two weeks ago, I can do it again.

Weight: 102.1 (-8Kg)

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