Keeping motivated – How i got here…

It has been nearly three weeks since I started the Blood Sugar Diet as detailed in the Fixing Dad book. This is two fold diet for me. 1) to loose some weight after 19 years of being between 2 and 6 stone over weight and 2) to try and reverse my diabetes and high blood pressure.

Here is why I finally started this diet.

Tests you take...
Tests you take…
Having being diagnosed with high blood pressure in July of 2016 I quite happily took the pills offered and mumbled some agreement that “Yes I am overweight and will try to lose some” however having been overweight or obese since being around 21 (three years of Uni, Beer and Curry has that effect) my heart was not really in it, I could still play with the kids and only got knackered walking to the school. I was somewhat typical in just accepting that I will be on pills and they will fix it and I once again happily stuck my head in the sand and ignored the underlying problem – I lived a unhealthy lifestyle.

Due to my very high blood pressure (208/120) and with a weight of 111.4Kg the GP sent me for a number of tests to make sure this has not caused any major issues internally. So a full blood profile, liver function test, ECG, Renal profile and urine tests were all taken and I was told to get my eyes tested. The results came back and most of my internal organs were fine. Some of the numbers were in the “warning” zone, but nothing to worry about yet… One of the strange things, to me at least, was that my liver was perfectly normal; For someone who drinks heavily most nights that was a surprise – looks like I was lucky.

The eye test however was another matter. They found evidence of Ghosting. A condition where the blood vessels in the retina are damaged and then your body compensates by growing new vessels, the issue is that they are much weaker and do affect the ability to see if left unchecked. I have now gone through three rounds of retinal laser surgery – which let me tell you stings like a bitch… If you can avoid this, then do.

This complication is usually found in diabetes patients and due to this fact the doctors ordered HBA1c test to confirm or deny that diagnosis.

In December 2016 I got a result of 40mmol/mol (not diabetic) then in January 2017 after seeing the eye doctor again they sent me for another test and I was 54mmol/mol (diabetic). So another thing to add to my list of ailments and another pill to take. Head straight back into sand…

At the start of 2017 I was 117.4 Kg (18 stone 7lbs). At work we started halfheartedly a competition to lose some weight and while losing about 6Kg over the course of three months, it was nothing to write home about and I had not made any changes to my lifestyle. Plus during this time I had two more rounds of laser surgery on my right eye.

Around this time I found an article on how two sons had reversed their dad’s diabetes by diet and exercise – I read it in two days and the thing that really, really stuck was that there was a 4 week meal plan – bloody brilliant – this is the thing that I was really looking for, not a picture of a plate with good balanced diet written on it. A simple “This is what to eat morning, lunch and dinner” menu that I could follow.

I of course, stuck my head in the sand right away and while mentioning to Linda once every couple of months that I really should try to lose some weight and that I could get rid of diabetes. Nothing really happened.

Our holidays to IOW and France in August of 2017 changed that mentality. We had a great time and did everything we wanted, but i just felt like I was a bit of a fat waster and I could have been doing more, feeling a bit better getting my top off in the sun and not deleting the pictures of me on the beach!

We Arrived back on the 27th August. Linda and I had both decided to do this together. Her as my support and to help lose a couple Kilos, me to kick diabetes and lose weight.

We had a week of planning the meals and we went out with friends on the first weekend of September, then we started the diet bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. We Weighed in and started on the 3rd September.

So, This is how I got here. I am now happily on this new diet which is showing results, so much so, that I am even feeling like I want to go to the gym. I am not feeling hungry, I can help the kids make and cook their own pizza and not want to nick anything. I am feeling better in myself and that I think is the key.

Yes, I did spend most of 2017 with my head in the sand.
Yes, I could put the weight back on.
Yes, I could revert back to type as soon as this 8 week diet is finished.


    I look at the scales and see a weight that i have not been in a few years and that motivates me.
    I have had to put another notch in my belt to stop my trousers falling down and that motivates me.
    I actually want to keep this off – I want to be around to annoy the kids for a very long time.

I would like to finally say a big thank you to the NHS and the staff, they get a bad press, but they supported me very well in the last year or so and threw every test imaginable at me to make sure I was not going to keel over one morning unexpectedly – Thanks to the Doctors and Nurses of the NHS.

Weigh in is on Monday morning, I am hopeful that it will show another downward trend and I can tell that as I really think I need to dig out the belt hole punch to keep my trousers from falling down at work!

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