The end of the third week

I’ve been on the diet for 3 weeks now and to say that I am seeing results is an understatement. I started this diet with two main aims:
1) Try to put the T2 diabetes I was diagnosed with in earlier in the year into remission
2) Reduce some weight

I am now 98.9Kg from a starting weight of 110.1Kg three weeks ago. Or to put it in British terms that I find easier to comprehend, if I lose another 1.4Kg I will have lost 2 stone in total.

So point 2 is going in the right direction and I cannot see why it will not continue to do so.

On point 1, I have a blood test tomorrow, so that will be interesting to see if the diabetes nurse is supportive and what my bloods are going to show. Hopefully an improvement. The end game here for me is to try to get of tablets for the T2 diabetes and while I may still need to have check-ups be clear of T2 diabetes after the diet.

I have not just been keeping to the Blood Sugar diet (as detailed in the Fixing Dad book) for the last three weeks, I have also been steadily increasing my walking each day and in the last week have got over or close to 10,000 steps in 5 out of 7 days.

Walking at lunchtime rather than sitting on at my desk having “something and chips” is not as bad as it was in week one. In fact reading not only Fixing Dad and the Blood Sugar Diet book. They both say that gradually increasing your exercise will help increase your metabolism and help you lose weight faster.

I therefore have decided to start going to the gym, something that I would not have thought of 3 weeks ago. It turns out, I was more self-conscious about my body than I thought. I needed to lose all this weight before I started to think about putting myself out there at the gym.

Previously, when I have decided to go to the gym in the past, I end up getting a year long contract of £60+ per month and use it for a couple of months at which point, I stop going and waste the rest of the year and £600+.

This time, I used Pay as U Gym to find a gym near me and find a deal where I can ease in gently to the process.

I signed up, Found my gym and package (1 visit, 5 visits, 10 visits) and paid, they then sent me a code via sms and email and I am going there tonight.

They’ve got loads of fitness venues, no strings, flexible access. Use the link below for 50% off your first order.

Get a discount code for 50% off at PayAsUGym

So, at the end of Week 3 Stats:

Weight: 98.9Kg (-11.2Kg)

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