Adding exercise to my diet

I have spent the last 3 1/2 weeks dieting on the Blood Sugar Diet and started to feel much better in myself and have now got to the point that I actually fancy going to the gym to do more exercise. I didn’t even need to sit down to rest when I thought this!

The last time I went to the gym must have been at least 3 years ago, if not 4. I always ended up paying the monthly fee and not going. So I did some research to look for options that did not cost the earth and I could get to coming back from work. I really did not want to go back to the old way of paying a monthly fee.

I therefore went to

Well the experience was very nice and easy. Walk in the door, show the passcode and they let you in. Very pleasant experience that was hassle free and they have an app that has all the information you need to get in.

The parking however was a bloody nightmare.

I pulled up, found a space, so far so good. I tend to be like the queen and do not carry cash/coins with me generally. Therefore parking required the Ringgo app. I have used in the past, but I have changed my car and therefore needed to register that number plate and then I discovered I could not for the life of me remember the password. Password reset requires you to put your email and number plate of the previous car.

Well, I did all the car number plates I knew, nothing worked**. Bloody hell… i’m now five minutes into my parking experience. Plan B…

Plan B involved calling up and reciting my number plate – cant be that hard. Well the voice recognition was shite. I know that I normally have to repeat myself a couple of times, however 4 attempts and it would recognize six out of seven of the characters and a different one each time!

The helpful text your number to us eventually worked after another four attempts. Finally i’m parked. 15 minutes – I may have forgotten my password, but ringgo you do not make it easy to retrieve it.

** As a note, the next day I ended up calling them on a premium rate number to retrieve my password and my old cars number plate was in the system, just the app was shit.

Due to this epic battle of man vs parking space I forgot to take my water bottle in. Next time I will remember.

So all in all, Good first experience – Rowing, Step machine thingy, a bit of treadmill and cycling – the only tip I can give is make sure you either have cash or know your parking app password!

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