4 down, 4 to go

I’m now half way through the Blood Sugar Diet regime as detailed in the “Fixing Dad” book and i’m not feeling half-bad, in fact i’m feeling more energetic and less cranky as the days go on.

I started this diet on the 4th September, with only the “Fixing Dad” book as guidance and the wholehearted support of my wife Linda.

I wanted to try to reverse my T2 diabetes and also lose some weight as in the January of 2017 I had got to my heaviest weight ever at 117.2Kg and while I had gradually reduced this to around the 110Kg mark, I knew that at this rate my blood pressure would continue to be an issue and my T2 diabetes would just start to affect other parts of my body. I did not want that and after reading the book for a second time I resolved myself to a drastic change in lifestyle.

No more booze during the diet, No more lunches at work (these normally involved a very good steak and a glass of wine) and start to exercise.

salad nicoise
salad nicoise

The food that you can eat during this diet does not feel like any of the other diets i’ve ever been on. The food is full of flavour, lots of spices used and interesting combinations gives you the variety that you are normally lacking and makes a diet hard to stick to as you become bored with the same old food very quickly.

So how have I done in the last four weeks?

  • Lost 12.7Kg
  • Reduced my BMI by 4
  • Reduced my waist by 6cm
  • Reduced my chest by 4 inches
  • Added two notches in my belt

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