Week 5 diet roundup

I have arrived at the end of week 5 and I have lost 2.5Kg this week. I am very happy with that weight loss for the week.

So from my starting weight of 110.1Kg – here are the stats each week.

Week 1) -4.3Kg
Week 2) -1.7Kg
Week 3) -3.2Kg
Week 4) -1.6Kg
Week 5) -2.5Kg

Total Lost so far: 13.3Kg

I’ve started going to the gym for cardio work to increase my fitness 2-3 times a week which seems to be getting better, or at least I am sweating buckets and not feeling like I am going to die at the end of it. That is definitely a plus.

Hopefully I will be continuing my weight loss in the coming weeks.

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