6 down, 2 to go…

I’ve now been on the Blood Sugar Diet for 6 weeks and a couple of days into week 7.

The diet is becoming more of a lifestyle choice and while I may introduce alcohol in a couple of weeks time, but will be moving onto the Mediterranean maintenance mode diet, which doesn’t count calories but does stick to the same principles as the current 8 week diet i.e. no refined carbs (bread, rice, pasta, potatoes).

The scores on the doors so far as follows:
Week 1) -4.3Kg
Week 2) -1.7Kg
Week 3) -3.2Kg
Week 4) -1.6Kg
Week 5) -2.5Kg
Week 6) -2.4Kg

I’ve been on multiple medicines since I was diagnosed last year for high blood pressure and then earlier this year a T2 diagnosis. A total of 4 pills per day, 3 for the blood pressure and 1 for the diabetes.

The current medications are:

A few weeks ago I had my 3 month Hb1ac tests and today I went to the doctors for a review. I have now been taken off both the Metformin and XXX, which is great news.

Another review has been set for after the Christmas period to see if I can maintain the weight loss and good results of the last 7 weeks.

As the main reason for starting this diet to try to reverse my diabetes and reduce my blood pressure without the aid of pills. I would say the last 6 weeks have been a roaring success!

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