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JOTI and JOTA were on at the weekend and we had 10 scouts, 3 leaders and a volunteer radio ham to speak to scouts & guides all over the world.

Scouts getting a talk on JOTA and Radio
Scouts getting a talk on JOTA and Radio
We started at 12 Noon for set up, lots of power cables, maps, information sheets were put out and tables set for the 24 hours of activity we had planned. We had set up a wifi spot and some laptops to communicate with the scouts and guides across the world in JOTI (21st year of running) and a friendly Radio Ham from the Bracknell Radio ham group set up for JOTA (60th year of running).

We had no real agenda, but the activities we planned were as follows:

  • Radio Ham station
  • Internet webchat via scoutlink
  • Minecraft
  • General computing
  • World map
  • JID log sheets
  • Crystal radio kits
  • Food & drinks station
  • Investitures of two scouts

The day went really well, the scouts took to JOTA/JOTI very quickly and they started to fill the map with pins of the places they were talking to.

Getting some JIDs
Getting some JIDs
Our expectation of how many people we would contact gave us the number of pins we bought to the event. This was completely off and we ran out of pins within the first 6 hours.

It was a great day and we contacted 56 countries in total, with 95 confirmed locations across the globe – I think this should be higher, however not all the scouts were as good at writing down the JID codes as they were searching for the countries/towns on the map!

I ended up getting map envy on Sunday as the following group had an electronic map updating and we in Sunningdale only had a manual map – Next year we will attempt to have one of these as well.

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