8 weeks and done

From a starting weight of 110.1Kg, three prescriptions for blood pressure and one for diabetes – I needed to do something.

The Blood Sugar diet and the principles I learnt from the Fixing Dad book allowed me in the last eight weeks to loose some weight, feel healthier and reduce not only my blood pressure prescriptions by a third, but also stop taking the medicine for diabetes as my blood sugars are normal. Now this is not the end, as I need to maintain the good blood sugar levels and slowly move back into a not so restrictive diet, but it is ever so hopeful.

The scores on the doors so far as follows:
Week 1) -4.3Kg
Week 2) -1.7Kg
Week 3) -3.2Kg
Week 4) -1.6Kg
Week 5) -2.5Kg
Week 6) -2.4Kg
Week 7) +3.3Kg
Week 8) -1.0Kg

So a total weight loss of 13.4Kg. Not bad for the first 8 weeks, I now will be trying to continue for November and see if I can get under 90Kg and stay there.

As you can see week 7 was a bit of a blow out and last week was not that good either. No real good reasons to why i didn’t stick to the diet, other than the fact I was doing a scout camp at the hut for JOTI/JOTA and unhealthy food is always around, so I didn’t eat my normal food. Then last week I changed contracts, so had a leaving meal which much healthier than I would normally eat, I did have a bottle of wine, which is not great!

Looking forward to the next 4 weeks, I really do want to be under 90Kg for Christmas and with this diet it really is a possibility.

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