New year and a new start

So another year roles around and we are in 2018. The last three months have been very successful in weight loss and well being in the clan.

Having eaten very well and gone all out with mutton, pork and sausages for Norwegian Christmas. I was amazed that i started to look forward to eating slightly healthier in Jan!

I start the new year at 99.4Kg after putting on 4.9kg during December, which is not as bad as last year, but still up from my all time low that i reached in October. So its back onto the the diet with renewed purpose.

We will be travelling to New York this April as a present to the family, so the kids can see where Linda and I got engaged and enjoy the sights, but as i well know, with the food in NYC it is easy to overeat, so it is time to lose weight and get healthy so i can over-indulge in April.

We also got our planning application approved just before Christmas, so we have to start researching the building of said extension, which as we all know is a headache at the best of times – so I need to be healthier to cope with that.

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