About us

Based on the Surrey/Berkshire border in the UK. We have a very friendly extended family.

Surrey-Berkshire border

As descendants of James Pimm (of Pimms fame, He was my Great-Great Grandfather) – we do like a tipple on a sunny afternoon – we like to Sail, Ski, Ice Skate and and muck about on computers.

Genealogy (from Greek: genea, “family”; and logos, “knowledge”).

Originally the “Wood” family name was used to describe a person who lived in or worked in a wood or forest and therefore lived outside the village, hamlet or town.

Obviously forests and woods covered a much larger percentage of England and the United Kingdom in the past and so it is not that surprising that the surname of Wood is the 15th most common surname in Britain. Smith and Jones are 1st and 2nd respectively.

This site will slowly add information on the descendants of Robert Wood (born: 1742, died: 1787).