Embark on a Hilarious Journey: Introducing ‘Ascot to Argelès’

If you’re planning a holiday to Europe and want to indulge in some laughter-filled escapades, we have great news for you. A hilarious new book, titled “Ascot to Argelès,” has been released this March, promising an entertaining and worthwhile read. Packed with amusing anecdotes and a colourful cast of characters, this book is sure to enhance your travel experience and leave you in stitches.

“Ascot to Argelès” takes you on a journey through the author’s experiences of traveling in Europe. From cleverly avoiding notorious traffic jams during black weekends to enduring unexpected setbacks due to planning mishaps, the book presents a range of comical and relatable scenarios which I have had to live through. The stories span various locations and accommodations, offering glimpses into the our encounters with the French countryside and its quirks.

  1. Camping Adventures: Picture the scene as the I and the family set up and take down tents in the pouring rain, all while maintaining a sense of humour – well not really, but you need to make this sound glamorous. Alongside these soggy adventures, we also enjoy the lighter side of camping, indulging in leisurely moments with chilled bubbles and BBQ meals. The book captures the ups and downs of camping life, providing an authentic and humorous portrayal.
  2. Quirky Accommodations: In addition to camping, the book explores other unique forms of lodging. From staying in charming Gites nestled in the picturesque Pyrenees foothills to experiencing the glamping trend in the Loire region, we share our encounters with different types of campers and accommodations. Get ready to be inspired and amused by the anecdotes, which highlight the variety of options available while traveling through Europe.
  3. Years of Wisdom: Having embarked on this annual French adventure for the past 15 years, we have gained invaluable insights and unexpected surprises along the way. From navigating long journeys with children to discovering hidden gems throughout France, they have developed a deep appreciation for the country and its people. Prepare to uncover their reasons for falling in love with France and the enduring allure of their yearly escapades.

Where to Get Your Copy: To immerse yourself in the laughter and wit of “Ascot to Argelès,” you can easily purchase the book from Amazon. It is available in various formats, including Kindle, paperback, and even hardcover. Choose the option that best suits your reading preference and get ready to embark on a literary adventure that will leave you entertained and longing for your next European holiday.

TLDR: If you’re seeking a book that combines humor, travel anecdotes, and practical advice, “Ascot to Argelès” is a must-read. Filled with funny stories and fascinating characters, this book offers a unique perspective on traveling through Europe, particularly in France. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or planning your first trip, you’ll find joy in the author’s misadventures, relatable experiences, and their enduring love for the country. So, grab a copy today, sit back, and enjoy the uproarious journey that awaits you in the pages of “Ascot to Argelès.” Bon voyage and happy reading!

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