Sailing on Sunny Afternoons: Embracing the Wood Family Spirit

Exploring the Wood Family Legacy

Welcome to our blog where the Wood family invites you to join us on our exciting adventures! As descendants of James Pimm, the creator of Pimm’s, we certainly know how to enjoy a tipple on a sunny afternoon. But our family extends far beyond our love for refreshing drinks.

With our roots in the Surrey/Berkshire border in the UK, we have embraced a lifestyle filled with sailing, skiing, ice skating, and even tinkering with computers. Our friendly extended family thrives on exploring the great outdoors, just like our ancestors who lived and worked in the woods and forests that covered England in the past.

Embracing Outdoor Adventures

One of our favorite pastimes is sailing. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the wind in your hair and the freedom of the open water. Whether it’s a leisurely cruise along the coast or an exhilarating race, sailing allows us to reconnect with nature and enjoy the serenity it offers.

But don’t think we limit ourselves to just one outdoor activity! Skiing down the snow-covered slopes brings us pure joy, and gliding across the ice while ice skating is a thrilling experience. We believe in making the most of every season and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

From Gites to Glamping: Our Travel Tales

Our adventurous spirit extends beyond the UK borders. We love to explore new destinations and immerse ourselves in different cultures. From Ascot to Argel├Ęs, we’ve had our fair share of unforgettable travel experiences.

Our journeys have taken us from meticulously planning our trips to avoid the notorious traffic on black weekends to unexpected detours that have led to serendipitous discoveries. Whether we’re staying at cozy Gites in the Pyrenees or indulging in glamping luxury in the Loire Valley, every trip is an opportunity to broaden our horizons and create new stories to share.

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